Aqua Sziget Esztergom

The Aquasziget Thermal Experience and Spa complex, Esztergom, was designed by József Finta, an architect who won the Ybl and Kossuth awards. Among the pools of Aquasziget Esztergom, there is an indoor giant experience pool with a geyser, a roller coaster, whirlpools, a cave, an indoor relaxation pool with massaging water jets, an eight-person jacuzzi pool, and a water world for children, where there is a funny splashing clown head and a built turtle. The outdoor area is only open between May 1 and August 31, during the summer season. During the winter season and until the beginning of the summer holidays, among the outdoor pools, the swimming pool and the outdoor relaxation pool can be used through the floats. In the indoor area of the adventure pool, in addition to the pools, guests can find an infrared sauna, decorative pond, mini terrarium, show kitchen, beer bar and lounge beds.

It is located 550m from the guesthouse, an 8-minute walk. 
Address: Esztergom, Táncsics Mihály utca 5. 
Telephone: +36/30-612-3131 
Homepage: www.aquasziget.hu

Szent István Strandfürdő Esztergom

The only beach in Hungary that has been in operation for a hundred years is located in downtown Esztergom. The water in Mihály Babits' favorite spa is 26-29 C°.

It is located 210m from the pension, 3 minutes on foot. 
Address: Esztergom, Bajcsy Zsilinszky Endre utca 4. 
Phone: +36/33-312-249 
Website: szentistvan.blog.hu
Palatinus-Lake and Diving Base

Lake Palatine is the largest lake in the Dorogi basin, which is an artificial mining lake that administratively belongs to Esztergom. The lake, which stretches in the northwest-southeast direction, ends in a roughly 840x350-meter, rectangular bay in the northeast corner. It is one of Hungary's cleanest lakes, which currently functions as a beach and fishing lake.

It is located 7.7 km from the pension, 12 minutes by car. 
Address: Esztergom- Kertváros, Tópart utca 
Telephone: +421/36-751-1047 
Homepage: www.palatinus-to.hu

Vadas thermal spa Párkány

The Vadas thermal spa has 7 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, including a massage pool, an outdoor sitting pool and the only wave pool in Slovakia, and the 3800m² Lagoon. The Vadas thermal bath is well-deservedly famous beyond the borders. With its capacity of more than 12.5 thousand people, renovated pools of different sizes, indoor swimming pool, a whole range of buffets, and sports facilities, it is an ideal choice for water and sun lovers.

It is located 6 km from the pension, 10 minutes by car. 
Address: Slovakia, Sturovo, Pri Vadasi 1. 
Telephone: +36/30-396-7905 
Website: vadas.sk


Vaskapu is a 404-meter-high mountain peak located east of the old town of Esztergom, the lowest member of the Maróti Mountains. The mountain has a great influence on the image of the city, because in the small area shared by the Iron Gate and the Danube, this is how the small-town cityscape with its narrow streets was formed.

It is located 2.3 km from the pension, 10 minutes by car. 
Address: Esztergom, Vaskapui út 
Telephone: +36/30-335-3325 
Website:: www.vaskapuesztergom.hu


Dobogókő is a popular hiking and holiday resort, the highest point of the Visegrád Mountains. It lies 700 meters above the level of the Baltic Sea, roughly halfway between Budapest and Esztergom. From the top, you can enjoy an excellent view of the Danube bend, and even the High Tatras in clear weather. It rises slowly to the south, but to the north there are steep rock walls and valleys cut into them, for example the Rám ravine.

It is located 18.7 km from the pension, 22 minutes by car. 
Address: Pilisszentkeresz Dobogókő, Eötvös Lóránd promenade 
Website:: www.dobogokokirandulas.hu


The Rám ravine is located in the administrative area of Dömös. The Három Forrás Völgy, cut into the block of Rám-hegy, is particularly beautiful, one of the most visited and wildly romantic parts. The ravine can be walked with due caution on the tourist road leading into it. During the trip, you can see the most spectacular geological values. In the gorge, hikers have to overcome a height difference of 112 meters. 

It is located 16.5 km from the pension, 18 minutes by car. 
Address: Dömös, Táncsics Mihály út 2. 
Homepage: www.ramszakadek.hu